As a matter of courtesy to the next occupant, kindly repair your old place before you move out to your next place. Think of it this way: you would not want to move into your new home that is dilapidated. Accordingly, do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you. Accordingly, fix the place and de-clutter the area before moving out.

Before you step out of your old place for good, make sure that the place is in the same condition as you went in. If you move into that place in good condition, reciprocally, you should also leave the place in good condition. Accordingly, repair what needs to be repaired.

First off, inspect the entire house and check for anything that needs to be fixed. Areas like the roof, the toilet and gas pipes, among others, need to be checked for leaks, damages or breakages. Prepare an action plan afterwards with regards to these busted items. Organise your itinerary for repairs and set up the necessary tools and materials.

One of the common areas of the house that needs to be fixed is the roof area. Usually, roof tiles get worn due to exposure to various weather conditions. Eventually, these roof tiles rot after so many years of wear and tear. Accordingly, make the necessary repairs by fixing or replacing them with new ones.