Packing Fragile Items for Moving

The moving day always brings uncertainty and fear to people packing their belongings. If you are thinking of packing fragile items like antiques, artworks and jewellery, then you must be thinking of how to pack them properly. In this article, we give you some tips for packing fragile items for moving that can help to protect your belongings. These tips can also help to reduce the likelihood of packing mistakes.


When you are packing fragile items such as glass, broken pieces, porcelain, crystal and many more, you have to take an orderly approach. Planning will help you get the appropriate supplies to aid you in picking the delicate item properly. When you pack broken pieces of glass in boxes, for example, make sure that the bottom of the box is padded with cardboard. When you tape the bottom of the box with tape, there is no space for the creases in the glass.

The most important thing when packing fragile items for moving is the weight of the items. You can find different lists of acceptable weights in the packing material you use. Do not overload the boxes by putting too many items in one box. Overloading may result in damages to the fragile items. To avoid this, consider using dividers to provide organization in your boxes. Using corrugated boxes or bubble wrap can be a good choice to achieve some amount of packing space in your moving boxes.


When packing fragile items for moving, do not put tape on the edges of the boxes or use other forms of packing material. The reason is that the edges may be ripped or damaged during transit, and then they would show the damage when unpacking. Instead, use packaging tape to secure the top, sides and bottom of the box to the surface of the container. To make sure that the items are not visible when the boxes are opened, cover the box with plastic film, or better yet use packing peanuts or felt tape.

When unpacking, do not handle broken items. In packing fragile items for moving, it is best to wrap them carefully to reduce the chances of breakage. Place them on their sides and apply a cushion between the box and the item to be packaged. This will minimize the pressure on both the items and the box during the unpacking process. You can also use plastic wrapping over the fragile item to protect it during the shipping process.

Be Careful

Another important thing to remember when packing fragile items for moving is the extra care you must take in packing fragile items. Breakable objects are harder to package properly, but if you want to be successful, then you have to pay attention to details when packing fragile items for moving. First of all, before beginning packing, determine the total weight of your belongings. By knowing how much you have to send, you will be able to estimate how many boxes you will need. Then, choose the packing material that is suited to the size and the shape of each box so that you do not have problems sending them back once you arrive at your new home. Boxes should be arranged based on their sizes so that you can easily find something that fits.

Other tips for packing fragile items for moving include using a small carton to pack important items like photographs and China. Label each box clearly so that you can locate what you want easily. For packing China or other fragile items using a small carton, you can purchase a little extra bubble wrap at any craft store. This way, you can make several layers of bubble wrap and arrange them neatly on the carton. This is sure to prevent dust and water from gathering on the item and to keep the colours of the items bright.

Finally, if you are using bubble wrap to pack fragile items for moving, there are some further tips you can use to make packing easier. For example, to make packing paper last longer, place the folded pieces of packing paper directly on an unheated oven or refrigerator. This is because heating the packing paper destroys the adhesives that hold the individual sheets together and makes them useless once they are put in the refrigerator.